Food Safety (SAF)

Best practices to avoid the danger caused by toxicity and spoilage of food: food labeling, food hygiene, use of food additives; Policies promoted by public and private institutions related to biotechnology, import / export and certification systems.

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Food Security (SEC)

Availability of food land (land grabbing), soil management and selection and management of crops and livestock, food access, food utilization, closely related to food safety and food stability.

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Food Sustainability (SUS)

Innovations in bioenergy, strategies for reducing food losses and waste, sustainable practices in the most important supply chain, such as milk and wine.

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Management (MAN)

Management of the agro-food system: geographic marks (PDO, PGI), development of an effective marketing strategy to promote products, strategies for cooperation  between farmers and traders, and the most effective forms of cooperation in the agri-food sector.

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Innovation in Zootechnics (ZOO)

Technical innovations in animal husbandry, with a focus on sustainability; the branch of innovative precision farming, farming methods and livestock genetics.

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Innovation in Agriculture (AGR)

Innovation in agricultural production and agronomy: precision agriculture applied to field crops and trees, irrigation systems and innovative management of organic farming.

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