Import/export of meat and meat products: EU regulatory policy and technical standards

SAF01 September 14th 2015 September 18th 2015

Food packaging: innovation, safety and sustainability

SAF03 October 12th 2015 October 16th 2015

Introduction to food packaging: innovation, safety and sustainability

SAF03 BV October 12th 2015 October 14th 2015

Mitigation of mycotoxin contamination in the agri-food sector: health aspects and operative techniques

SAF04 August 31st 2015 September 4th 2015

The production of high quality cheese: turning raw material into an excellent finished product

SAF06 September 7th 2015 September 11th 2015

Management of animal diseases: development of European legislation for the safety and traceability of meat, and the role of the veterinarian in the prevention and control of risk

SAF07 October 19th 2015 October 23rd 2015