This course will start by introducing the desirable features of milk destined for the production of high quality cheese, taking livestock selection criteria and cheese adequacy control processes into consideration.

This course will then define the fundamental traits of Italian PDO cheeses, with particular focus on Grana Padano and Gorgonzola. Organic cheese production and short supply chains will also be presented and discussed, emphasizing the opportunities for milk producers that arise from the latest innovative transformation processes.

The focus will finally be dedicated to mini-dairy firms, looking in detail at the issues of health and hygiene during manufacturing, as well as discussing the opportunities such firms have to supplement their income.

- Monday:

Physio-chemical characteristics of bovine milk suitable for cheese making  

Livestock selection criteria for the third Millennium

- Tuesday:

Italian PDO cheeses: distinctive traits

Organic cheeses: a new Italian trend

- Wednesday:

Visit to EXPO Milano 2015

- Thursday:

Grana Padano cheese: a unique dairy technology for a world renowned cheese

Gorgonzola cheese: the tradition of Italian blu-veined cheese at the intersection of the plain and the Lombardo-Piemontesi prealps

- Friday:

Opportunities and benefits for the mini-dairy

Hygienic aspects of the mini-dairy: from the finished product to the market

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FromSeptember 7th 2015
ToSeptember 11th 2015


The course will be delivered in English. Upon request, this course can be repeated in another language.

Participation Fee

The participation fee is € 1,600.00. For applications made before June 9th, 2015 a 20% discount will be applied (participation fee = € 1,280.00).

If two or more members of an organization apply for the same course the first participant will pay the full fee, but additional members will have a reduced participation fee of € 1,200.00.

The application deadline for the course SAF06 is July 24th, 2015.

The participation fee includes:

- Tuition costs, including all training materials and use of the location’s training facilities and related services

- Participant costs, including the course field trips, transfer to and from EXPO Milano 2015 + entrance ticket, the lunches of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, a gala dinner and special evening event, and a final dinner.