Sustainability in the agri-food industry: application of a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

SUS01 June 15th 2015 June 19th 2015

VIVA Sustainable Wine - Implementation, inspection and communication procedures

SUS02 September 7th 2015 September 11th 2015

Yield and quality improvement through plant breeding

SUS03 June 15th 2015 June 19th 2015

Coping strategies for food waste reduction in food supply chains

SUS04 May 4th 2015 May 8th 2015

Producing milk according to nutritional quality criteria and environmental sustainability

SUS05 July 27th 2015 July 31st 2015

Introduction to bioenergy: regulatory, technological and energetic aspects, now and in the future

SUS06 May 11th 2015 May 15th 2015