This course is aimed at providing the participants with an overview of the environmental pressures associated with agri-food production and the principle tools for the measurement and communication of environmental impacts. Thus, the course will deal with the impact of human activities on the planet’s current and future availability of resources and their sustainability. Other topics include; life cycle assessment (LCA), systems of environmental sustainability certification (carbon, ecological and water footprint) and environmental communication. The course will also analyze and discuss some case studies.

- Monday:

Environmental communication: the regulatory context, strengths and weak points

EU pilot project on PEF and OEF: its objectives and current progress

- Tuesday:

An overview of environmental pressures associated to agri-food production

Focusing on the main impacts characterizing specific agri-food supply chain: global warming, acidification, eutrophication, biodiversity loss, land use, use of water resources and desertification

- Wednesday:

Visit to EXPO Milano 2015

- Thursday:

LCA as a useful tool for measuring the potential environmental impact of production and service activities

Applying LCA to the agri-food industry: strengths and critical aspects

Case study: LCA applied to cheese manufacturing. A classroom exercise to critically apply the various course's topics to real experiences

- Friday:

Environmental impact indicators: carbon, water and ecological footprint

An insight on calculation methods

Case study: LCA applied to wine supply chain

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FromJune 15th 2015
ToJune 19th 2015


The course will be delivered in English. Upon request, this course can be repeated in another language.

Participation Fee

The participation fee is € 1,600.00. For applications made before March 17th 2015 a 20% discount will be applied (participation fee = € 1,280.00)

If two or more members of an organization apply for the same course the first participant will pay the full fee, but additional members will have a reduced participation fee of € 1,200.00.

The application deadline for the course SUS01 is May 1st, 2015.

The participation fee includes:

- Tuition costs, including all training materials and use of the location’s training facilities and related services

- Participant costs, including the course field trips, transfer to and from EXPO Milano 2015 + entrance ticket, the lunches of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, a gala dinner and special evening event, and a final dinner.