Livestock precision farming technologies for sustainability and welfare in dairy cows

ZOO01 June 1st 2015 June 5th 2015

Precision livestock for sustainability and profitability in pig production

ZOO02 May 25th 2015 May 29th 2015

Farm animal genetic resources, sustainability and traceability: an integrated approach to evaluate and conserve livestock biodiversity and “made in Italy” products

ZOO03 June 8th 2015 June 12th 2015

Organic production in the livestock supply chain: methods and solutions to produce and sell organic meat

ZOO04 August 31st 2015 September 4th 2015

Understanding the benefits of genomic selection: from cattle breeding to farm’s advantage

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Advances in Mediterranean aquaculture: new opportunities for the future food demands

ZOO06 September 28th 2015 October 2nd 2015