Gabriele Canali
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Associate Professor at the Catholic University. His research activity focuses on: economics of agricultural and food markets, agricultural and food policies and industrial economics applied to the agricultural food system.

He is Director of the Research Centre on the Economics of the Pig meat supply chain since 2009.

He collaborates with INEA, the National Institute of Agricultural Economics, and with ISMEA, in the Centre on structural policies.

He has been also consultant for the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nation) and for the World Bank.

Organic farming in Italy: research and practice

AGR06 June 22nd 2015 June 26th 2015

Geographical indications, protected denominations and traditional specialties: quality policy, valorization and rural development

MAN03 September 7th 2015 September 11th 2015

Organic production in the livestock supply chain: methods and solutions to produce and sell organic meat

ZOO04 August 31st 2015 September 4th 2015

Collaboration between small farmers and large-scale distribution operators in the fruit and vegetable market: opportunities, critical aspects and solutions

MAN02 July 6th 2015 July 10th 2015

Wine and place marketing: emerging trends, competitive strategies and sustainability

MAN04 May 25th 2015 May 29th 2015