Giacomo Tolasi
SIVAR, Società italiana Veterinari per Animali da Reddito

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine at Università degli Studi di Milano, Giacomo Tolasi is a free practitioner. He works as “Cattle Fertility Expert” for the Italian Herdbook Association in Brescia. He founded ARMIGIO, one of the biggest vet groups in Lombardy, specialized in large animals practice. He has important experiences in clinical studies for new veterinary medicinal products. He is member of FNOVI – Federazione Nazionale Ordini Veterinari Italiani Commission for Vet Drugs, which he represents at FVE - Federazione Veterinari Europei

Management of animal diseases: development of European legislation for the safety and traceability of meat, and the role of the veterinarian in the prevention and control of risk

SAF07 October 19th 2015 October 23rd 2015