Establishing and developing sustainable short food supply chains

MAN01 July 13th 2015 July 17th 2015

Collaboration between small farmers and large-scale distribution operators in the fruit and vegetable market: opportunities, critical aspects and solutions

MAN02 July 6th 2015 July 10th 2015

Geographical indications, protected denominations and traditional specialties: quality policy, valorization and rural development

MAN03 September 7th 2015 September 11th 2015

Wine and place marketing: emerging trends, competitive strategies and sustainability

MAN04 May 25th 2015 May 29th 2015

The co-operative model in the wine sector: a chance for small producers to compete on the market?

MAN05 May 25th 2015 May 29th 2015

The dairy market: emerging trends in consumption, trade and production and the organization of dairy companies

MAN06 July 27th 2015 July 31st 2015