The market channels available to small fruit and vegetable producers are starting to diversify, opening up numerous opportunities; the wholesale market, supply aggregation in cooperatives and producer organizations, contractual agreements with the processing industry and, more recently, direct sales of local products to the large-scale retail system.

This course is meant to supply the participants with an overview on actual potentialities by highlighting both problems and solutions in the ”agricultural supplier – end client” relationship. In particular, this course will emphasize issues concerning the ”agricultural supplier – large-scale retailer” relationship by analysing; the opportunities for the producer to become a supplier to the large-scale retail system, the possible forms of this collaboration and its conditions (quantities, quality and delivery requirements etc.), and some examples taken from the Italian experience.

-  Monday:

Fruit and vegetable production and market channels: vertical and horizontal forms of integration.

Traditional and emerging channels

-  Tuesday:

The supply strategies of large-scale retailers and category management in the fruit and vegetable market: critical issues, solutions and the potential role of small agricultural producers

-  Wednesday:

Visit to EXPO Milano 2015

-  Thursday:

The certification standards adopted by producers and the standards required by the large-scale retail system

-  Friday:

Field trip to Coop Estense, Modena

The conditions for collaboration when selling direct: options, pros and cons for the producer and for the large-scale retailer

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FromJuly 6th 2015
ToJuly 10th 2015


The course will be delivered in English. Upon request, this course can be repeated in another language.

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The participation fee is € 1,600.00. For applications made before April 7th 2015 a 20% discount will be applied (participation fee = € 1,280.00)

If two or more members of an organization apply for the same course the first participant will pay the full fee, but additional members will have a reduced participation fee of € 1,200.00.

The application deadline for the course MAN02 is May 22nd, 2015.

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- Tuition costs, including all training materials and use of the location’s training facilities and related services

- Participant costs, including the course field trips, transfer to and from EXPO Milano 2015 + entrance ticket, the lunches of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, a gala dinner and special evening event, and a final dinner.