Cremona and the surrounding area offer visitors with different interests a vast array of opportunities, so choosing a tourist trail dedicated to a specific cultural aspect is a great way to organise your visit to the city. Follow more than one trail and take advantage of everything the city has to offer.

The medieval city

The apex of Cremona’s artistic realm is the medieval “Piazza del Comune”, a unified and evocative urban space that boasts some of the largest Italian medieval monuments such as the “Duomo”, the “Torrazzo”, the “Loggia dei Militi”, the “Palazzo del Comune” and the “Battistero”. Not only the square, but also the whole city is dotted with fine medieval buildings, including the church of S. Agata, “Palazzo Cittanova” and the church of S. Agostino.

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On the trail of Stradivari

Following the trail of Stradivari enables visitors to Cremona to get closer to some of the greatest masterpieces of stringed instruments made ​​by this great craftsman and members of his workshop. Among the 1200 pieces built during the life of the great luthier, those that have been acquired by the town are universally considered a priceless heritage. This tour visits places that were of significance to the life of Stradivari, as well as places that were important within the context of violin making, including the luthier’s home, Palazzo Pallavicini and Piazza Stradivari.

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A Church trail

This tour is dedicated to the Campi’s dynasty, a family of painters who worked in Cremona and other locations in northern Italy in the 16th C. The head of the family Galeazzo Campi was a conservative painter in his style and choice of subject, but his sons Giulio, Antonio and Vincenzo were the initiators of the “Cremonese method”, which combined the styles of Pordenone and Raphael. The dramatic nature of the scenes depicted and the use of light in the paintings are two features that characterize the work of this family of artists. The family was joined in their workshop by their namesake, but unrelated Bernardino Campi. The latter inherited an extraordinary elegance from Boccaccino, a famous Italian painter, who made Bernardino become the most famous portraitist of high society in Milan. The tour includes, among others, the churches of S. Maria Maddalena, S. Ilario, S. Agostino, S. Abbondio, S.Rita and S. Sigismondo.

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Museum tour

The role of museums in contemporary society has become the subject of general interest and it is one of the primary reasons for each critical reflection that wishes to consider the influence of culture linked to the renewal of social systems. This itinerary offers tourists an opportunity to discover the themes and beauty of Cremona, or to deepen their knowledge of them. The tour includes the Violin Museum, the town’s "Ala Ponzone" Museum, the Museum of Natural History, The Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Rural Life.

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