The Art of Organ Building

In the 19th Century two enlightened organ-builders, Pacifico Inzoli (1843-1910) and Giovanni Tamburini (1857-1942) each founded a factory in Crema. With an unusual entrepreneurial capacity, these two "captains of industry" soon made Crema the prestigious capital of organ building art, and in 1867 Pacifico Inzoli built the first Italian plant for processing of all the parts of the organ. Almost two thousand of his spectacular instruments were exported all over the world, some of which remain in important locations in Italy and abroad.

Today the art of organ building is still alive and thriving thanks to the heirs of this great tradition. Organ pipes continue to be produced in the town, and this expertise has led Crema to develop a specialized course to become an “Assistant Technician for the Restoration and Building of Cultural Assets - Pipe Organs”. The course is unique to Italy, and was designed in collaboration with leading European professionals in the field. The most important organ builders have put their expertise at the disposal of students to prepare them, via a three-year study plan, to be experienced and capable operators with immediate job prospects.

The opening of an Organ Museum (to open in Crema in 2015) and the establishment of the 1st Organ Competition of Crema are further steps being taken by the town to keep the tradition of organ art alive.

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