Institutional Partners

Chamber of Commerce of Cremona

The Chamber of Commerce of Cremona is an autonomous body governed by public law whose mission is the development of the business system and the economy of the area. Since it is the institutional body and the reference point of the businesses in Cremona, it plays a key role in the promotion and sustainable growth, as well as it develops appropriate local governance strategies, national and international partnership and alliances, in order to stimulate a consistent and coordinated process of territorial development.

Province of Cremona

The Province of Cremona is one of the 12 provinces of Lombardy. Established in 1860, it is divided into three areas, related to the main city centers: Cremona, Crema and Casalmaggiore. In the past it was an exclusively agricultural area; however, nowadays, while maintaining this peculiar vocation, the province also has seen a remarkable industrial development. The most cultivated crops are wheat, corn, sugar beets and soybeans. Even the livestock breeding, especially regarding cattle and pig, is very well developed, as well as  numerous food companies for the production of sausages, sweets, pasta, cheese and dairy products. The province has a population of approximately 360.000 people.

Municipality of Cremona

The Municipality of Cremona is located in the province of Cremona, in the southern part of Lombardy, and has approximately 70,000 inhabitants. Cremona is the city of violin-making, art and sport. Moreover, it was originally a roman town and it is situated on the banks of the River Po, in a strategic and central position within the River Po Valley. It is hometown of famous violin-makers like Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù and Amati and musicians as Claudio Monteversi, as well as being famous for the “Torrazzo”, the unique setting of “Piazza del Duomo” and its specialties, first of all the nougat.

Municipality of Crema

The Municipality of Crema is located in the Province of Cremona, on the banks of the river Serio. The city has about 34,000 inhabitants. During the last during, the economy was mainly characterized by agriculture, with the production of fodder and cereal. Since the seventies, dairies and food companies have been established, as well as metallurgical, mechanical, electronics and textile enterprises. A notable aspect, regarding the handicraft, is represented by the factories of organs.

Municipality of Casalmaggiore

The municipality of Casalmaggiore is located in the Province of Cremona and has about 15,000 inhabitants. Casalmaggiore is located in the south-eastern part of the Province of Cremona, on the border with the provinces of Mantua and Parma. The economy is mainly represented by an intense agricultural activity, prosperous farms and various industrial sectors. In the town it is possible to find the Museum of the Bijou, established in 1986, and the historic town theater that dates back to the eighteenth century.

Industrial Association of Cremona

The Industrial Association of the Province of Cremona is the representative body of the industrial system that is operating in the area. The AIC is a member of Confindustria and consists of provincial enterprises from all of the economic sectors. The Association represents more than 450 Cremona’s companies and it is a linkage to establish and develop synergies between companies operating in the same territory.

Confartigianato Imprese Cremona

The Artisans' Association of the Province of Cremona - Confartigianato is an autonomous organization, founded on the principle of free membership. It is open to all of the SMEs from the industrial and cultural sectors. These SMEs can find in this association a number of valuable assets, such as information, representation of public interests, relationship with counterparties and with the institutions. All companies that do business with offices in the province of Cremona and neighbors may participate in it.

CNA Cremona

CAN - National Confederation of Handicraft and SMEs – serves as the national and unitary system, which represents the Italian entrepreneurship, particularly for handicrafts, small and medium enterprises and for the relevant groupings of interest: entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and all forms of self-employment. The provincial headquarters of Cremona has more than 3,500 members and 2,600 associated companies.

Libera Associazione Artigiani Crema

The “Libera Associazione Artigiani” was born in Crema on May 23rd, 1953. It has about 2000 members and is present in the area with various offices. With the statutory amendments introduced in 1995, the Association is open to non-artisan firms, which recognize the ideals of the Association. It provides SMEs with a range of services, such as bookkeeping, payroll, contracts, taxation, credit, finance, internationalization and training.

Autonoma Artigiani Cremaschi

The Association “Autonoma Artigiani Cremaschi”, born in Crema on January 3rd, 1959, adheres to “Confartigianato Imprese”. The Association is a trade union nonpartisan organization, independent and autonomous that propose itself as a unified representation of small businesses, self-employment, SMEs, service industry of Crema, its territory, the province of Cremona and the surrounding areas.

Libera Associazione Agricoltori Cremonesi

The “Libera Associazione Agricoltori Cremonesi”, established on April 30th, 1945 in replacement of the ceased Farmers' Union of Cremona. Unrecognized and non-profit association, it is formed to assist and protect the Associates and the associated categories regarding the general matters related to agriculture in the country. For this reason, it adheres to the Regional Federation of Farmers of Lombardy and to the General Confederation of Italian Agriculture.

CIA Cremona

The Italian Farmers Confederation is one of the largest agricultural trade organizations in Europe. The members are farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs. The organization aims to value the role of the modern farmer and his business. The CIA is headed by associations, institutions and companies that provide to individuals and businesses support in income, social, health, fiscal, tax, contracts, insurance, technology, training and information technology.

Confcommercio Imprese per l'Italia della Provincia di Cremona

The Association of Trade, Tourism and Services of the province of Cremona is the union that brings together and represents businesses in the service industry of the province. It has the goal to protect, sustain and strengthen the legitimate interests, thus encouraging the development and business growth. Moreover, it adheres to Confcommercio and is by nature a non-profit, politically free organization and is  not tied to interests other than those of categories.

Confesercenti della Lombardia Orientale

Confesercenti of East Lombardy was born on April 22nd, 2013 by the merger of the three Confesercenti Association of Brescia, Cremona and Mantua. The Association represents thousands of companies in the commercial, touristic and services industry in the area of the three provinces. It carries out trade union activities and provides services in the field of banking and finance, taxation, administration of personnel and training of entrepreneurs and their employees.


Trade and Business Service - Asvicom Cremona (Association for the Development of Trade, Tourism, Services and SMEs in the Province of Cremona) is a trade union organization open to all players in the trade, tourism and services industry; it is non-partisan and non-political. The institutional role is the protection of the business and the professionalism of its members. Asvicom Cremona aims to actively contribute to the growth of associated companies providing services, advice, financial assistance and training.

Ascom Crema

Since 1896, Associazione del Commercio del Turismo e dei Servizi ASCOM di Crema e circondario strives to represent and protect those firms which are active in Crema’s neighbourhood. ASCOM Crema aim is to offer sector-specific advice, as well as on individual administrative, fiscal, technical and trade unions issues. These services, all articulated around multiple business fields, are provided through a specialized body, SE.C.AS. SRL SERVIZI CENTRALIZZATI ASCOM.