Alessandro Casula
Fabbrica delle Bioenergie, Politecnico di Milano

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Master in Business Administration, Adjunct Professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Prof. A. Casula is expert in integrated prevention pollution control and in renewable energy, in particular from biomass. His main professional activities concern: business consulting project development in renewable energy and identification of technical-economic solutions for the optimal management of systems powered by renewable sources; support of enterprises in the critical path between optimal use of natural resources and environmental constraints.

Introdução a bioenergia: aspectos legislativos, tecnológicos e energéticos do presente e do futuro

SUS06 May 11th 2015 May 15th 2015

Biomassa, biogás, biocombustíveis e oléos vegetais: as tecnologias a serviço da produção sustentável de energia

SUS07 June 8th 2015 June 12th 2015

A produção e o consumo de energia térmica e elétrica nas áreas rurais e em regiões sem acesso à rede

SUS08 August 24th 2015 August 28th 2015