Matteo Crovetto
Università degli Studi di Milano

Prof. G. Matteo Crovetto is currently Professor of Animal Nutrition and Feeding at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Università degli Studi of Milano. He also teaches Animal production and Environment and International Cooperation and Crop-livestock systems.  

He has been doing research mainly in the field of feed/forage evaluation, dairy cattle and pig feeding and nutrition, with a particular focus on environmental sustainability

A tecnologia da zootecnia de precisão para a sustentabilidade e o bem-estar da vaca leiteira

ZOO01 June 1st 2015 June 5th 2015

Produzir leite segundo critérios de qualidade nutricional e de sustentabilidade ambiental

SUS05 July 27th 2015 July 31st 2015