River Land

Lying on the banks of the Po River, Casalmaggiore is the only city in the Province from which the river can be reached on foot. The embankment acts as a visual backdrop to the streets and it is a perfect place to relax. The city is equipped with a public dock for sport boats and cruise ships, and is home to the floodplain park, a natural habitat for the typical flora and fauna of the Po Valley.

The main embankment

The main embankment offers beautiful views over the town’s monuments, as well as the river itself; from the embankment you can see the Island of Santa Maria and the green space of the Lido Po. It is possible to travel along the embankment and enjoy even more of the sights. About 1 mile to the south of the town center you can see the Tunnel of Elms, a long stretch of “Via Alzaia” that runs beneath a “tunnel” of Elm trees. The path south continues for approximately 12 km and can be readily enjoyed on a bike. Alternatively, heading north along the embankment, you will reach the picturesque Romanesque style church of Santa Maria. Also the parish church of Fossacaprara, it is situated beside the embankment, and it boasts a beautiful array of 12th C. frescoes.

The Po Floodplain Park

The Po Floodplain Park, established to protect the wet environment typical of this area, is characterized by lush vegetation and the abundance of water particularly attracts water birds during the nesting and migration periods; the purple heron and the coot are two to look out for. The park encompassed the flood plains of both Casalmaggiore and Martignana and covers an area of 735 hectares. There are residues of forest formations with a predominance of white willow, black alder and elm, while the outer bands are characterized by extensive cultivation and poplar. The area of the Park that closest to town is called The Woods of the Unborn and it features a fitness trail for all who wish to enjoy it.