The great river

Cremona is located on the left bank of the River Po, a river that represents a source of wealth, well-being and an important opportunity for nature tourism. The river's edge is surrounded by greenery and offers interesting excursions for nature lovers whether walking or cycling along the river paths. Qualified shipping companies offer short trips along the river in the unspoilt nature that surrounds the course of the river, and for those that enjoy fishing the River Po is the ideal place to try their hand at catching a Wels catfish.

Cremona, river land

The “Po” is the longest river in Italy and the one with the largest basin. It originates in Piedmont, passes through five provincial capitals (Turin, Pavia, Piacenza, Cremona and Ferrara) and marks out a large part of both the Lombardy-Emilia Romagna border and the Emilia Romagna-Veneto border. On reaching the coast, the Po river flows into the Adriatic Sea. For most of its course the river Po flows in a flat land, the Pianura Padana (Po valley). Due to the geographical location, the length of the basin and the historical, social and economic events that have taken place around it from antiquity to the present day, the River Po is acknowledged to be the most important Italian river. In fact, for Cremona the river has always been a strategic element for economic, cultural, touristic, social and waterway development of the area.

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River Trips

Together with its numerous tributaries, the River Po represent the peninsula's sole river system. Even though the river is not exploited much for commercial navigation, it is a strong source of tourism, even for international tourists. Navigating the river lets visitors discover the charm of the lush nature that grows along its banks, and thanks to the presence of a considerable number of landings along the course of the river, river trips can be combined with cycling or walking excursions along the river paths. Guided tours can also take tourists to some of the natural beauties scattered along the riverbanks.

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