Cremona is like a beautiful pearl in the heart of the Po Valley. Founded as a colony by the Romans in 218 BC, Cremona is rich in history, with numerous monuments dating back to the Middle Ages, such as the Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Cittanova.
However, Cremona is above all the city of violins, of Stradivari and of music. The craft of luthiers has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage, and luthier workshops can be found on every corner of the city, making Cremona a unique and magical place, though the magic doesn’t stop there. The beautiful “Piazza del Duomo” with the magnificent Duomo, the Baptistery, the famous Torrazzo Bell Tower and the Town Hall all make Cremona worthy of its fame as a medieval jewel and one of the richest cities of art in the Po Valley.




Crema is the second largest city in the Province and gives its name to the northern part of the Province. Religious and civic buildings reflect the city’s appeal as a medieval and Renaissance urban center. Crema is also an interesting tourist destination, with many palaces full of artworks, with the elegant and spectacular Piazza Duomo overlooked by the main monuments, and with the basilica of S. Maria della Croce just outside the town center.


The magnificent central square, the heart of the city, the splendid eighteenth-century theater and the unique Museum of Bijou all make Casalmaggiore a very lively town. The river that flows near the center, the central Piazza Garibaldi facing the neo-Gothic Town Hall, the imposing Duomo, the churches and the numerous historic buildings all make Casalmaggiore worth visiting, and the beautiful surrounding countryside can be discovered on a bike by following the paths that head out of town, along the river.